Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is a custom piece that I made for Liev's incredibly awesome Aunt Rachel...she generously gifted me with some stunning brocade and requested a small clutch bag "as she carries very little"...

The bag is eight inches wide at the opening, ten inches wide at the bottom, and five inches deep. There is a hinged spring action metal frame in the interior at the top.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This was a custom pairing and I had enough left for a second bag.

This is Alexander Henry's "Tattoo" print on black. The reverse is a textured wool blend in a beautiful lipstick red shade. The button is round black acrylic.

Due to the nature of the fabrics, this bag is dry clean only.


Yo ho ho

This following came about after Liev asked to "help make a bag". His love of all things piratical helped, and he chose the fabric.

This is a small reversible bag- one side is Alexander Henry's "Jolly Roger" print, while the reverse is a black and white checkerboard cotton.

The button is a small skull- a recent purchase and perfectly appropriate.



I acquired some bamboo handles and I wanted to make a smaller, simplistic bag.

It is 15.5 inches long, 10 inches wide and 10.5 inches deep. There is a center divider inside the bag, which is made from a vintage white and mulberry-colored batik.



The fabrics used for this bag were gifted to me by the incredibly awesome Steph (see her talented work here)...they completely compliment each other.

The owl fabric is a print by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman called "On a Whim", and the reverse is a texturally fantastic yarn-dyed cotton stripe. The button is acrylic and perfectly matched.



This is another fabric from Anna Maria Horner's universally beloved Chocolate Lollipop collection, called "Billowy Petals". This is a large bag which fully reverses to a bright pink cotton.

The button is vintage acrylic from the 60's.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harlequin Green

I really wish I would have purchased more of this fabric- it's absolutely beautiful in person and is the perfect weight for a bag. You know what they say about hindsight. I did manage to get three bags out of it, one I selfishly kept for myself. :)

Like here, one side is a chartreuse and espresso upholstery fabric. The reverse is an espresso cotton.

The large button is carved and vintage.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

So how much does it hold?

I've had a few curious folks pondering what all will fit in the large bag...I have decided to illustrate by removing everything that is lurking in mine. (The Horror!)

Here we have my knitting bag (the great print is Michael Miller and is called "Knitmare on Elm Street"- I made two of these and the lovely Victoria owns the other) with a hat-in-progress peeking out:

and the contents (click for large, and possibly frighteningly detailed image):

There you have it...they hold a ton! :)


Just for fun-

While uploading the photo sets from the last item, I noticed Rhiannon (previously mentioned model, helper and lovely daughter) with quite a nefarious expression- I bet she's wishing I'd hurry it up and get a dress form already:

She's amazing.

Insert knitty pun here :)

This is a large bag perfect for a knitting stash.

The fabric is from the Michael Miller line, called "Knit Pirates". The pattern consists of a skull and crossbones motif made from balls of yarn and crossed needles. Very clever!

This is hard to come by, and is constantly selling out. (I love it personally and want lengths in all three color combinations- aqua, sage and pink.)

(Note: The faceless model you've seen throughout this blog is my daughter Rhiannon...she's wonderfully patient and such a help to me with this business of modeling bags/accessories. Thanks, kid! )

The reverse is a heavy, deep espresso cotton with a phenomenal texture,

...and the vintage button is nacre (the sheen is lovely with the aqua shade in the fabric).


Asian Tapestry

This is my personal fave...the pictures do not do this bag justice.

The fabrics are absolutely breathtaking and substantial- one side is a woven landscape tapestry, and the reverse is a sturdy cotton broadcloth.

The button is vintage- from the 1930's.

Due to fabrics, this bag is dry clean only.


Something a little different...

I wanted to try something a bit more structured...

This purse is made from a floral/fruit print woven brocade with leather accents and a leather carrying strap.

The poly lining is a pale silvery rose that matches exactly with the brocade. The bag shuts with a gold magnetic closure.

14.5" wide
9" deep
13" base
22" strap

Due to fabric and construction, this one of a kind item is dry clean only.


I love how Malia's bag turned out- so I set to work locating a cherry print for a large size bag.

The small leaves on the 100% cotton cherry print paired perfectly with a vintage leaf-green ribbed cotton blend.

The button is vintage acrylic.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Orange stripe/floral

This is a small bag and fully reversible.

The fabric was gifted to me by my mother, who understands my love of all things orange. It has various lengths of ribbon, trims and contrasting fabric strips, while the black cotton floral reverse is a JoAnn Fabrics exclusive. The mod-style button is acrylic and new.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

First of two...

...using fabric from Anna Maria Horner's extremely popular "Chocolate Lollipop" fabric collection. This is called "Nouveau Flowers and Scrolls".

This is a large bag, with the standard measurements.

As always, fully reversible. In this case, to a milk-chocolate cotton.

The large, metal button has an antique-look, but was a recent purchase that went perfectly with the fabric design.



Cherries in the snow

This was a custom piece done in cherry-print corduroy with a heavy cherry-red reverse. The recipient is the beautiful girl in the photo, Malia.

Aly (her mother) gave Malia this bag as a gift. :)

(Aly also gets 15% off her next purchase!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Change of pace

This entry is to prove that I actually do knit/crochet on occasion, and sometimes it's more substantial than a gauge swatch.

My friend Toby once mentioned a few winters ago how bitterly cold it was outside, and I got this brilliant idea to knit him a scarf....not just any scarf, but something nice and dorky that showed his love for Transformers. When I casually asked if he preferred the good guys or bad- he mentioned an Autobot preference, so I set to work.

Looking back- I would have used bigger needles (I thought my fingers were going to snap off before I was even halfway there), but making the insignia was surprisingly simple, and intarsia is not as scary as it looks. I am *shocked* that I finished it, knowing how spaced out I get with projects. Rhiannon has since requested that a black scarf with the Decepticon insignia come to fruition.

(thanks for the pics, Toby!)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Orange Plaid

I love the color orange- so it was a bittersweet experience parting with these fabrics, pardon the pun.

The is a large bag- the plaid is a poly blend with a metallic thread throughout, and the reverse is a rust-colored sturdy woven blend.

Vintage button, dry-cleaning strongly recommended.
$51.50 plus shipping


I am very fond of Alexander Henry fabrics....this one is called "Pavo", and I paired it with a pale pink lightweight denim and a vintage wooden button.


Black and white

This is a large bag. The black and white retro rose print I found at JoAnn's....the reverse is a plain black cotton.

I broke trend and used a new La Mode etched button- it went so well with the fabric.


OMG Shoes

This is a small bag made with the Alexander Henry "High Heels" print on black. This fabric is from the 2003 line, and is nearly impossible to locate- and usually only on white.

The reverse is a cotton-blend black corduroy. The button is vintage and acrylic.