Friday, February 22, 2008

Custom Knitting bag

This is my personal fave- Steph sent me this excellent Michael Miller fabric, it's called "Knitmare on Elm Street":

and I paired it with a gorgeous chartreuse and espresso upholstery fabric that I picked up at Fabric Depot. Vintage button, dry clean only.

I made one for myself as well, it's perfect for the 4 or 5 current knitting projects I have going on.

$60.00 plus shipping
(sale pending)


Beach/Vic said...

Did that pending sale go through, or is the second bag still on the market? I'm interested ...

Beachcomber (from Ashanti) ;)

Beach/Vic said...
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Beach/Vic said...

I wore it to work today and got lots of looks and comments. I LOVE IT. Did I mention that to you already? I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!

Pic to come soon.

Leoma said...

Good post.