Thursday, June 5, 2008

Change of pace

This entry is to prove that I actually do knit/crochet on occasion, and sometimes it's more substantial than a gauge swatch.

My friend Toby once mentioned a few winters ago how bitterly cold it was outside, and I got this brilliant idea to knit him a scarf....not just any scarf, but something nice and dorky that showed his love for Transformers. When I casually asked if he preferred the good guys or bad- he mentioned an Autobot preference, so I set to work.

Looking back- I would have used bigger needles (I thought my fingers were going to snap off before I was even halfway there), but making the insignia was surprisingly simple, and intarsia is not as scary as it looks. I am *shocked* that I finished it, knowing how spaced out I get with projects. Rhiannon has since requested that a black scarf with the Decepticon insignia come to fruition.

(thanks for the pics, Toby!)

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Melissa said...

oh wow! my boys would seriously dig that :)