Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Custom II

These two may look identical, but they are definitely one of a kind.

Tabitha ordered these for her bridesmaids Fallon and Sarah. These clutches have a 10 " flexible spring-steel hex opening, are 12" long at the base and are 4" deep.

Tabitha chose a beautiful deep magenta brocade with gold floral accents, and the pattern design was my mother Gwen's brilliance at work. The floral pattern on the brocade enabled for a distinctly separate piece (one pale green floral, the other a dusty pink) on the bottom of each clutch so Fallon and Sarah could tell their bags apart.


Fionn said...

(Still) love these!

Also, thumbs up on the white backgrounds and additional photo clarity. Really shows off the fabric and sewing!

Anonymous said...

And they were the HIT of the day!!!

They were absolutely perfect, well-made, quality, stylish, fun, and as you know I cried when I opened them. We were SO proud to give these to our sisters.

Both girls have used them since, too! Our photographer has proofs for us, and a CD of snapshots from her assistant. We're going to pick them up on the weekend, so I'll be able to send you photos of the bags in action pretty soon :).

Could never possibly thank you enough xx