Saturday, July 19, 2008

So how much does it hold?

I've had a few curious folks pondering what all will fit in the large bag...I have decided to illustrate by removing everything that is lurking in mine. (The Horror!)

Here we have my knitting bag (the great print is Michael Miller and is called "Knitmare on Elm Street"- I made two of these and the lovely Victoria owns the other) with a hat-in-progress peeking out:

and the contents (click for large, and possibly frighteningly detailed image):

There you have it...they hold a ton! :)


Fionn said...

It's like one of those bottomless bags from the legends! :)

Perfumeshrine said...

Hi! I got directed here through your comment left on Perfume Shrine for Tauer's latest scent draw and what a nice little corner.

Love the print of the fabric!
And you should have seen my bag! Not wool or knitting needles, but notebooks, phone, scraps of paper with a million notes for writing projects, about 4 loose lipglosses of different brands, wallet of course, mints, the occassional bill....lots of things!